Are you feeling overwhelmed with everything that's happening around you today?

Some stress is natural and everyone experiences it from time to time.

However, when it becomes excessive or chronic, your mental, physical, and emotional health can suffer.

I created the Building Stability When Overwhelmed 5-Day Challenge to help you regain a firm footing.

This 5-day challenge is for you if:
  •  You don’t know how to manage your constant stress and anxiety
  •  You have trouble sleeping at night due to worrying
  •  Your emotions are causing body tightness or pain
  •  You feel alone or isolated
  •  You’re frustrated by your impatience with others

You’ll learn five easy-to-remember tools you can use to manage and reduce stress when life delivers challenging situations.

How Does This Challenge Work? 

  • When you sign up, you'll get an email with a video welcoming you to the challenge. You'll also get access to a free Facebook group, where you can ask questions and share your practice with the community.
  • During the challenge, you'll get an email with a video explaining more about the daily topic and what you'll be working on to improve your mindfulness and well-being.
  • And on the final day of this challenge, there will be a masterclass that will uncover the 3 most common roadblocks that get in the way of continuing a mindfulness practice. Helping you feel confident and motivated to stick with it, no matter what! 

Building Stability When Overwhelmed 5-Day Challenge

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We will begin on August 15, 2021.