Is your life not what you thought it would be?


Are you numb to existence and mindlessly going through the motions without experiencing joy?




You want to be comfortable with emotions and process them without shutting down.


You want to become aware of your triggers, boundaries, and needs.


Are you ready to start healing from your past and start living for today and your future?


Hey, survivor, I hear you!


How many boxes can you check?

Four years ago, I checked all of these.


  • You are caged with worry, shame, guilt, anxiety and fear.
  • You are constantly living for others as a people pleaser.
  • You do not know how to identify your own needs.
  • You are uncomfortable in your skin.
  • You are a bystander in your own life.
  • You do not know what it means to love yourself.
  • You wonder what it would be like to have a sense of self.
  • You are drowning in the heaviness of your emotions and wish you could process them.


  • You are consumed with negative thoughts.
  • You crave healthy relationships.
  • You wish you had someone to answer your and listen to you when you feel lost.
  • You feel disempowered.
  • You are unaware of the impact of past trauma.
  • You wish someone would take you by the hand and support you as your life unravels.
  • You don’t trust yourself or others.
  • You cope with substances such as drugs or alcohol.
  • You have lost your identity and don’t know who you are.


I understand exactly where you are because



You’re worried you will never have inner peace and freedom.

You’re anxious about starting over and don’t believe it’s possible to.

You’re afraid of facing the truth of your patterns, conditioning, and patterns, conditioning, and past.

If healing from the impact of trauma is possible for my clients and me, it’s possible for you too.

What will your life look like when you’re finally at peace with yourself?



Will you be free to: 

Build healthy relationships?


Feel weightless?


Explore who you are?


Be an active participant in your life? 


I don’t know what you want for yourself, but I know from experience that you look at the world differently when you break free from the chains of yourself and the outside world.


Imagine what it will feel like to transform the impact of trauma!


Maybe you want to...

  • have productive conversations with your partner that result in resolution and understanding;

  • process your heavy emotions without disconnecting from your body and mind;

  • turn unhelpful thoughts into helpful thoughts quickly;

    move through anxiety and sleep through the night;

  • become aware of blocks that are holding you back from living a full life.


Picture this: you’ll have the tools to...

  • respond constructively when you get into an argument with your partner;

  • manage expectations from yourself and others;

  • figure out how to stay stable when overwhelmed;

  • control your negative looping thoughts;

  • breathe through anxiety.


You’re ready to get to know yourself better, but you’ve got a lot of questions and concerns!

“I have been through so much, and this seems overwhelming.”

“What is going to be different about this? I’ve tried everything already.”

“This seems hard, and I don’t have a plan to follow.”

I know, there can be a lot of questions and confusion when you start to unravel the impact of trauma for the first time.

That is why I created the program “30-Day Journey Within”.


This is a personal transformation pathway for those ready to become active participants in their healing journey.



This is a 30-day program to go from unconscious behavior patterns to awareness and transformation.


… 30 days to inner freedom

… 30 days to understand your thoughts, 

… 30 days to decrease your emotional stress and grow your ability to respond.

Your life before this course:

  • Your partner does something that triggers you and your body feels like bricks; you SHUT down for days!
  • You’re EXHAUSTED from staying up all night with anxiety and then having to do life the next day. 
  • You’re STUCK in stagnant conditions and patterns  like a hamster in a wheel.
  • You drink a bottle of wine nightly to numb your emotions.
  • You go to work, put on a brave face, and fall apart when you get home.
  • You talk to yourself in an overly critical and negative way.

Your life after this course:

  • You’ve addressed triggers that used to hold you back.

  • You have uncomfortable conversations without shutting down.

  • You know exactly what to do with emotions that are heavy and unmanageable.

  • You’re more easily aware of your unhelpful thoughts.

  • You are creating new possibilities, hopes, and dreams for your future.


    You have a healthy relationship with you!

Here is what’s included in the 30-Day Journey Within:

  • Three LIVE Zoom sessions to understand blocks.
    (VALUE $587)
  • Three modules to understand the impact of trauma over your lifespan, gain clarity on who you are today, and develop tools.
    (VALUE $147)
  • Thought Mapping Outline to help you process and transform unhelpful thoughts.
    (VALUE $49)
  • Weekly mindfulness practices for grounding and centering.
    (VALUE $200)
  • Email support throughout the 30 days.
  • One full year of access to ALL of the recorded modules, including Bonus Modules. (VALUE $521)
Course Curriculum: In between our LIVE Zoom sessions, you will have weekly content to help you dive into who you are.

Module 1

What are the impacts of trauma on you?

We will explore where you are on the wellness wheel and what domains have been impacted.

Between sessions, you will identify what domains you would like to work on.

Module 2

Unhelpful + Helpful Thinking

Our thoughts are linked to our actions, emotions, and body sensations. When we start to transform our unhelpful thoughts into more helpful ways of thinking, we show up in the world differently.

We’ll look at nine types of thinking that can hold us back from fully participating in life.

Module 3

Goal Mapping + Values

We will explore your goals and values to understand what you want and what is important to you.  When we connect with what you hope to accomplish, we can move forward with clear objectives. We will start your personal goals where you can put them into practice.

Between sessions, you will track where and how those goals were applied.



Bonus Modules:

  • Three grounding techniques to reduce anxiety.
    (VALUE $125)

  • Must-Have Mindfulness Exercises.
    (VALUE $99)

  • Anger-Understanding how to process it.
    (VALUE $150)


  • When you join this program, you are never alone.

  • 3 x 60 min LIVE Zoom Sessions.

  • Weekly check-in questions to make sure you are on track.

  • You have access to me through emails & messaging between sessions.

  • One full year of access to ALL of the recorded modules, including the BONUS items.

You can do this program from your home or anywhere in the world, and on your preferred schedule.


You can complete the course lessons from the comfort of your couch or kitchen table, as long as you have an internet connection.

I have clients who do the entire course, including the LIVE Zoom sessions, on their phones!

The program is entirely digital so that you can access it from anywhere through our student dashboard.





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How long does it take you to heal from trauma?


The honest answer is that it depends on you and your current situation. Most of our students are able to start their awareness journey in 30 days. Clients have gone from crisis to stability in six months.

Others work longer, as unraveling the impacts of trauma across different domains takes time. There is no rush and no right or wrong amount of time, because you have one full year of access to the program! Remember, this isn't a "quick fix" by any means.

I recommend you set aside 2-4 hours per week to go through the program and implement the strategies.
There has never been a better time to start your 30 Day Journey Within.

Starting now will allow you to:

  • Spend your extra time doing something useful.

  • Feel less anxious as you see your thinking patterns improve.

  • Invest in your future self.

If you wait, you'll be in the same place you are now. Six months down the road, you’ll wish you had started today!


The most powerful doubt… “Will this program work for me?”


This program is for you if:

  • You want to gain self-worth.

  • You feel stuck in your healing process.

  • You are trapped in negative thinking, have no plan, and deep down, you know you can’t go on this way. Something has to give

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You are not ready to dig in and unravel your conditioning.

  • You have not experienced trauma in your life.

  • You have overcome the impact of trauma in your life.

  • You are unmotivated to find out what is beyond your trauma.

  • You think there is no hope for you.

You have two choices here:


You can cope the way you have been 







  • Let’s address the elephant in the room…”I can’t afford it.”

    Because I care about helping you get started on your journey I intentionally lowered my rate by 75 percent.

  • "I don’t have enough time."

    There is nothing more important in your life than you.

  • "I don’t feel confident in myself."

    When it comes to healing, we are not meant to do it alone. I am here for you.





VIP PACKAGE includes:

  • Three LIVE Zoom coaching calls
  • Three Modules of video lessons
  • Three Bonuses



We wholeheartedly believe in the 30-Day Journey Within Program and already have satisfied students. But we want you to feel confident in trying it out for yourself.

That’s why we have a 3-day 100% Risk-Free Guarantee. You can try the 30-Day Journey Within Program for 3 days.  If you're not happy,  ask us for a full refund by 11:59 pm within three days of purchase.


Priya Patel is dedicated to bringing together eastern philosophy and western science through a trauma-informed lens.

The founder of The Intention Table—a range of trauma-informed programming that includes yoga, meditation, and mindful eating—her programs have been adopted by safe houses, and addiction recovery and counseling centers.

Priya (RYT 500) teaches yoga philosophy for Yoga Alliance and has studied the wisdom tradition across southeast Asia with incredible teachers, including His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Her own history of complex trauma led her to seek alternatives  beyond talk therapy treatment.

Today, her mission is to help people with CPTSD gain access to programming that empowers them and brings their bodies and minds into recovery.

An advocate for social justice, Priya also works with a cohort in Dallas to bring awareness to human trafficking in the city.