Mindfulness and Well-being Challenge

30 Days of tips and tasks to help set your mind for intentional healing.

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By the end of this challenge, you will...

  • Have a deeper awareness and understanding of yourself, allowing you to explore the different mental and emotional characteristics that make you YOU

  • Be part of a community of inspiring, understanding individuals, whose supportive relationships you can enjoy long past 30 days.

  • Practice actively creating moments of pause throughout your day.

  • Be able to give yourself grace and accept your emotional journey as true and valid.

  • Have the tools to create healthy boundaries and identify how to best care for yourself.

  • Be able to break through past barriers and work on building the future you want.

  • Actively and intentionally participate in your daily mental health journey

I'm ready for the challenge!

“This sounds like a lot of work that will take time and effort past 30 days.”

Your mental health and wellbeing are worth it! I’ll be giving you bite sized tidbits of information and advice so that you can work through things at your own pace. Hopefully you will want to continue down this path after the 30 days! Just remember that small steps are all it takes to make progress.

“I’m shy about my anxiety and would be nervous to share my experiences with other people.”

While you don’t have to share anything you don’t want to with the support community, I strongly believe that building true connections with people is the most effective way to work toward healing. No judgement, just love.

You’re not alone, and you never need to be.

Let's grow together!

How Does This Challenge Work? 

  • When you sign up, you'll get an email with a video welcoming you to the challenge. You'll also get access to a free Facebook group, where you can ask questions and share your practice with the community.
  • During the challenge, you'll get an email with a video explaining more about the daily topic and what you'll be working on to improve your mindfulness and well-being.
  • And on the final day of this challenge, there will be a masterclass that will uncover the 3 most common roadblocks that get in the way of continuing a mindfulness practice. Helping you feel confident and motivated to stick with it, no matter what! 
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There’s a Reason it’s Called a Challenge

This may not be easy, but it’s your life.













You’ll find value in this challenge if you...

  • Feel lost and overwhelmed, lacking the tools to cultivate self-awareness and healing.
  • Have a hard time finding wellness knowledge that’s presented personably in a way that’s accessible and easy to understand.
  • Find self-motivation difficult to muster up and default to decision paralysis.
  • Feel like you’re the only one in your circle going through the hardships you face.
  • Want a supportive community to lean on and collaborate with but don’t know where to look.
  • Your first instinct when you saw this challenge was that it would be too hard.

I’m Priya

Welcome to my challenge!


With decades of service and teaching experience and a fierce passion for helping people be the best version of themselves, I’ve created a trauma toolbox for the modern world with effective methods from cultures all around the world. I want to open your eyes to the power of connection and empower you to actively invest in your daily wellbeing. This is only the beginning!

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